30 th :

Ships and Stations

An entry on the Klingon stations seen in "Apocalypse Rising" goes up today. More importantly, so does the Nova class! Unfortunately, neither entry has images and both are rather loaded on speculation at the moment. This is because somebody (naming no names to protect the guilty) was meant to be bringing the episodes over this weekend so I could watch them again to prepare the entries, but he forgot. So you can expect images and possibly some re-writing next week.
27 th :

Size Comparison

New pictures go up today for many of the existing classes - the Cheyenne, Sovereign, New Orleans, Ambassador, Excelsior, Oberth, Sabre, Steamrunner, Akira, nebula, Nova and 8472 Bioship. In addition, there is a new size comparison picture for the 8472 "planetbuster" seen at the centre of the formation which blew away the Borg planet in "Dark Frontier". All of these images are exceptionally high quality CGI, and are all provided by kind permission of the "Sci-fi Art" website. Many thanks to Tachy and Pedro for their permission, and their site has been added to my links page.

Also, new pics of the Cardassian Keldon and Galor classes have gone up. These are from "Ex Astris", and once again thanks for their kind permission to use their images.

In addition, we recently discovered an error in the scaling of ships against stations in the size comparison section. This was caused by a holdover from an earlier version of the display system, and is now fixed.

22 nd :


A slight modification to the Cardassian ODP's, after David (no second name given so far, just David) and Mike Dicenso pointed out that we see more of these in the DS9 finale.

Also, the Comments page of Starbase 375 has been redone.

20 th :


The Cardassian orbital defence platforms have been added.
16 th :

Size Comparison

The So'na collector from Insurrection has been added, as has the Dominion battleship.
Starbase 173, Starbase 375, and Regula 1 have been added to the stations list.
9 th :


The Bajoran ranks have been added to the insignias section.
The Lurians have been added to the species section.
7 th :

Other Ships

Now that the Cardassians have well and truly left the Dominion, I've re-organized the other ships list to give them their own section (the fleets will be split up soon). In addition, many of the Klingon, Dominion, Cardassian and Romulan ships on this list have had their comments pages re-worked - nothing massive, just a few spelling mistake fixes, occasional mention of stuff that has come to light since the last update, and some rewording or expanded discussion here and there to make it scan better. I'll more than likely be going through a lot of the other comments pages in the next few days or weeks.

Speaking of comments pages, if you have a query about ships - or anything else that has a comments tag - please read the comments before emailing me. The whole idea of them is to anticipate your questions, so you can see why I've done the things I have without having to wait for me to email a reply.

A couple of small modifications have been made to the Prometheus specs page, fixing the speed numbers which were previously marked wrongly as canon. The comments page now also has expended discussion of the ships speed figures.

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