27th :

Ship Specifications

The ship specs now have a little more detail - a Wattage figure for the total phaser output is given, along with a figure for the shield capacity. Details of hull construction are also given. These numbers are pretty speculative - they're all based on the numbers generated for the Galaxy class phaser output in the "Power" section. The purpose of this exercise is largely related to the update to the strength indicies - see below for details.
Strength Indicies
These are now a lot more internally consistent than they where - the beam firepower number now relates directly to the output wattage given in the specs page, the shield strength number relates directly to the figures for shield capacity, the hull numbers relate to the hull configuration, and so on. The "Fleets" section now has a two page latout, with a '24th century' part and a 'notes' part. The latter gives a much more detailed description of the various component numbers.
Weapon Pages
In line with the new strength numbers, I've generated various models of photon and quantum torpedo launcher to fit the various classes. Details are given on the relevant weapon pages.
New Classes
The Romulan bird of prey from TOS has been added, along with the Valiant, Daedalus and Olympic classes.
New Personnel
New additions to the personnel pages are McCoy and Scotty from TOS, Dax and Worf from DS9, and Tuvok from Voyager. The page on Dax includes an image of Ezri Dax, the new replacement for Terry Farrell. It's not great quality, but I hope to get better images once episodes become available for me to scan.
Size Comparison
I've now added the Olympic class to this page to go along with the new specs entry for it.
Welcome Page
This now has a brief blurb describing the amount of files and pictures in the site. I'll update this every now and again as needed.
18th :

New Images

Some newly scanned pictures have gone up today - nice shots of the Saber and Steamrunner classes.
14th :

New Images

Some newly scanned pictures have gone up today - two on the replicator entry, four on the Transwarp entry.
Power Page
A new entry here, dealing with the Intrepid class.
11th :

Class Lineage

Yet another new section - this one shows how the various classes have evolved from each other and the various design innovations they have introduced. This isn't really canon, but is based more on how the ships look and the times they seem to have come into service.
The top and bottom strip menus have been reorganised a little to group things together a bit more sensibly.
Size Comparison
A fix has gone up for some problems people have reported with the scripting. If you still have difficulties, please e-mail me from the 'Comm' button to let me know.
8th :

Weapons Page

A new entry here for laser weapons. Includes some pictures scanned from "The Cage"/"The Menagerie" - hope you like them.
New Ship Classes
Four new ship classes have been added - from Starfleet the Centaur class and the Cheyenne class, plus two borg ships - the sphere from "First Contact" and the peculiar-shaped one from "Descent". This brings the total to fifty classes.
Direct Comparison
Two improvements to this feature. The ships are now drawn one by one as the page is built. Secondly, when you click the 'select' button, to return to the selection page your choice of ships is now maintained.
5th :


A new addition to the technology page is my own pet transwarp theory. It's my attempt to explain the various incarnations of transwarp we've seen over the years, and as such it is pretty speculative for the most part. But I think it holds together surprisingly well.
Ship Names
The specs page for each class now includes every known ship of that class - all the ones listed in the Encyclopedia, anyway! This involved looking through every single page of the Encyclopedia, one by one, so I hope you appreciate it! If you have any other ship names from novels or other behind the scenes sources, I'd appreciate it if I could have a copy - but any list you send me MUST include what the source is so I can list it as being canon or not.
Another character for the personnel section - Chakotay has now been added. I think he's a pretty dull guy myself, but I wanted to get all the captains and first officers from each series. More to come soon.

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