30 th :


A few nits on the Federation fleet page have been fixed to bring it in line with the individual specs pages.
Series Guides
The Cast lists of TOS and DS9 hae been updated to link to the characters recently added to the personnel section..
28 th :


Going up today are Nurse Chapel from TOS, plus a new section for miscellaneous people that kicks off with Weyoun and Dukat. Also the Janeway, Chakotay, Tukok and Paris pages have been updated.
20 th :


A new list today, all the food and drink mentioned in Trek.
9 th :


Two new lists today, one of the Ferengi Rules of Acquisition and one of the various space stations and Starbases we've seen over the years.
A change to the Dominion ships today. A new entry goes up for the much larger version of the Battleship seen in the last episode of DS9; I've called it the "Dreadnought". The comments page of the new ship contains discussion of the possible interpretations of these ships and explains why I've gone the way I have with it. Some changes have also been made to the Specs and Comments pages of the original Dominion Battleship to reflect the new class.

Also, I've fixed a problem with the Malon freighter. For some reason I'd put the cargo mass down as 12 trillion isotons when the dialogue says 4 trillion; a typo, I guess.

2 nd :

Lists (again!)

Second update today... a list of all the Holoprograms I can find or think of goes up today.
A page on the Federation scout ship goes up today. Nothing special, the usual speculative specs plus some images.
A slight change to the Neelix page - "Juggernaut" establishes that he once spent six years working on a Talaxian garbage scow, so this has been put in. As with most pre-Voyager facts on Neelix we know the event and duration but but not the dates. I've slotted it in after the war, before Neelix went wandering the quadrant.
A slight correction to yesterdays planet list. I've run the spellchacker over it after finding a few errors in that department, and I've trimmed the HTML code down a bit to make the file smaller.
1 st :


An update of the Breen species page goes up today.
New Section
We've been a bit update-light lately, largely because I've been working on a new section which goes up today. The section is called "lists", and is intended to contain lists of various kinds. Starting us off are a list of all the planets mentioned in Star Trek, plus a list of all the Lifeforms mentioned. Other lists will be added as time and interest allow. The lists are largely based on the Encyclopedia for now.

Finding a new button for this section has meant putting the links and awards pages on the same button.

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