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The first case of transporter psychosis is diagnosed. This rare condition is a result of changes to neurochemicals caused by the transporters in use at the time.

The USS Valiant contacts Eminiar VII in the star cluster NGC-321. The ship and its crew are killed when the planets computers designate them as casualties in the ongoing computer-controlled war with Vendikar.

First Contact with the Klingons. The contact is a disaster, and leads to decades of warfare.

Richard Daystrom is born.

Montgomery Scott is born.
Pralor Automated Unit 3947 is activated by a builder on the Pralor home world for use in the war against the Kravic.

Montgomery Scott is born.

Sybok is born. A son of Sarek, Sybok is Spocks elder half brother.

Leonard McCoy is born.

Spock is born.

James Tiberius Kirk is born.

The SS Columbia crashes on the planet Talos IV. Crew member Vina is the only survivor. The Talosians judge Humans to be ideal slaves, but are unable to create a breeding stock without a male Human. In 2254 they will attempt to capture several members of the crew of the Starship Enterprise.

Spock is telepathically linked to T'Pring.
Hikaru Sulu is born.

Nyota Uhura is born.

Scotty enters Starfleet academy.

The battle of Donatu V is fought near Shermans Planet.

Dr. Daystrom invents the Duotronic computer. He wins the Nobel and Zee-Magnees prises for this advance.

Scotty graduates from Starfleet academy.

The first Starship Enterprise is launched from the San Francisco Fleet yards in orbit of Earth.

McCoy joins Starfleet medical school.

Pavel Chekov is born.

Kodos the Executioner seizes power on Tarsus IV when a food shortage becomes critical. Kodos orders the execution of 4,000 people in order to extend food supplies for the remainder - emergency supplies arrive too late to avoid the killings. James Kirk and Kevin Riley are among nine witnesses to the events.

Spock chooses to enter Starfleet instead of the Vulcan Science Academy.

Charles Evans is born.

Kirk enters Starfleet academy. As a Midshipman at the academy he befriends Ben Finney. Ben will later name his daughter Jamie after Kirk.

On this date a Vulcan science mission reports a subspace rupture in the Hanoli star system. They detonate a pulse wave torpedo in the rupture in attempt to seal it. Unfortunately, the attempt causes the rupture to expand radically, destroying both the Vulcan expedition and the entire system.

Ensign James Kirk serves on board the USS Republic. He reports an error made by his friend Ben Finney, causing Finney to be passed over for promotion.

Starship Captain Garth wins a major victory at the planet Axenar. Afterwards James Kirk visits Axenar on a peace mission. The operation is a major success, and Kirk is awarded the Palm Leaf of Axenar for his part in the mission.

Kirk meets Gary Mitchell while teaching at Starfleet Academy. Mitchell sets Kirk up with a blonde lab technician in order to distract him and so have an easier time in classes.

Kirk endures considerable torment from Finnegan, an upperclassman.

Spock, still an academy cadet, begins serving on the USS Enterprise under Captain Pike.

Charlie Evans becomes the sole survivor of a spaceship crash on the planet Thasus. He survives with the aid of powers given him by the non-corporeal Thasians.

Kirk becomes romantically involved with Ruth.

Spock graduates from Starfleet academy.

McCoy graduates from Starfleet medical school. He develops an impressive technique for the creation of axonal pathways between grafted neuronal tissue and basal ganglia. This procedure is later incorporated into Starfleets Emergency Medical Hologram.

Kirk graduates Starfleet academy. He is assigned duty on the USS Farragut under Captain Garrovick after graduation.

Three Enterprise crewman are killed and several injured during a violent encounter on Rigel. Captain Pike blames himself for the incident and considers resigning his commission.

The USS Enterprise, under the command of Captain Christopher Pike, detects a distress call sent from Talos IV eighteen years before. The ship proceeds to Talos, where the Talosians attempt to use members of the crew to create a slave race of Humans. The Talosians release their captives when it becomes clear that they will immolate themselves rather than live as slaves.

Kirk commands his first planetary survey. He befriends Tyree, one of the local inhabitants, and recommends that the planet be left uncontacted.

The last contact between the Federation and the Sheliak Corporate prior to 2366. The two groups sign the Treaty of Armens; this massively complex document cedes the planet Tau Cygna V to the Sheliak.

Hikaru Sulu enlists in Starfleet academy.

McCoy ends his romantic relationship with Nancy.

Kirk encounters a dangerous Vampire cloud on Tycho IV, resulting in the death of 200 crew members, including the Captain os his ship. Kirk blames himself for the deaths after hesitating when ordered to fire his phasers, though it is later discovered that it would have made no difference.

Nyota Uhura enlists in Starfleet academy.

Hikaru Sulu graduates from Starfleet academy.

David Marcus is born to Carol Marcus. The boys father, James Kirk, leaves Carol to raise him alone at her request.

Robert and Nancy Crater arrive on the planet M113 to do archaeological research.

The last message transmitted by Doctor Roger Korby from Exo III describes cave formations he has discovered. Korby subsequently vanishes for several years.

Nyota Uhura graduates from Starfleet academy.

James Kirk is appointed Captain of the Starship Enterprise.

Pavel Chekov enlists in Starfleet academy.

James Kirk is appointed Captain of the USS Enterprise. He meets Pike, who has been promoted to Fleet Captain.

The miners Childress, Gossett and Benton begin lithium crystal mining on Rigel XII.

A group of 150 colonists under the leadership of Elias Sandoval set off for Omicron Seti III to found a colony.

The Starship Enterprise, under the command of Captain Kirk, is assigned a five year mission of exploration.

Tuvok is born.

Nancy Crater is killed on planet M113 by a creature native to the planet. The creature, which is able to assume any appearance it chooses, lives with Professor Crater.

The Sandoval colonists arrive on Omicron Seti III. Unfortunately, the planet is found to have high levels of deadly Berthold rays, threatening the lives of the colonists. They manage to survive after being infected by a substance produced by the local plant life.

Elizabeth Dehner, a psychiatrist studying crew reactions, joins the USS Enterprise.

A bottle of Dom Perignon champagne from this year will be used to launch the Enterprise-B in 2293.

The USS Enterprise penetrates the barrier at the edge of the galaxy. Two of the ships crew develop powerful psychic abilities as a result, and are killed to protect the ship.

The Borg destroy Guinans home planet, scattering the few surviving El-Aurian people.

McCoy joins the Enterprise as Chief Medical Officer.

The USS Enterprise encounters the Fesarius, a vessel of the First Federation. Although they are initially wary of one another, friendly contact is eventually established between the two cultures.

The Enterprise visits M113 on a routine stop. Several crew members are killed by a creature native to the planet which has been living in the guise of Nancy Crater.

While researching a collapsing planet the crew of the Enterprise are incapacitated by a new form of virus. Dr. McCoy is able to overcome the effects of the virus in time to save the ship. In breaking free of the planet, the Enterprise is thrown back several minutes in time - the first known example of time travel.

Charlie Evans is rescued from Thasus. After he proves unable to contain his powers, the Thasians return him to the planet.

A Romulan vessel crosses the Neutral Zone for the first time and attack several Federation outposts. The Enterprise eventually destroys the Romulan ship.

Fleet Captain Pike is seriously injured by Delta Rays during an accident aboard a Class J starship. badly disfigures, he is confined to a wheelchair.

The USS Enterprise discovers what appears to be professor Roger Korby alive and well on Exo III. However, it proves to be an android created by ancient technology he discovered on the planet.

Klingon operatives begin supplying crude firearms to the village people on Tyrees planet.

A DY-100 class spacecraft is found with the preserved bodies of several dozen people on board. It is soon discovered that these are the Genetic Tyrants missing since 1996.

The USS Enterprise uncovers a Klingon plot to gain development rights to Shermans planet. Unknownst to the crew, they receive covert assistance from the crew of the USS Defiant, thrown back in time from 2373.

The Enterprise is researching Murusaki-312, a quasar-like phenomena, when the shuttlecraft Galileo is lost on the planet Taurus II. The shuttle is able to regain suborbital height for long enough to be retrieved by the departing Enterprise.

Chekov graduates from Starfleet Academy.

Kirk becomes the first Starship Captain ever to be court martialled when it appears that he has been negligent in the death of Ben Finney. Kirk is exonerated when it is discovered that Finney is in fact alive, having faked his own death to frame Kirk.

Lieutenant Commander Spock is promoted to Commander.

Commander Spock hijacks the USS Enterprise and uses it to return Fleet Captain Pike to Talos. Despite the regulations against visiting Talos, Starfleet approves his actions because of the special circumstances involved.

Whilst crossing a 'star desert' some nine hundred light years from Earth the Enterprise encounters Trelane, a being of immense power. Trelane is discovered to be an infant member of an advanced and powerful civilization.

First contact with the Gorn occurs when a Gorn ship destroys an Earth observation outpost on Cestus III. Kirk and the Gorn captain are subsequently forced to fight one another by an advanced species calling themselves the Metrons.

The Enterprise visits the planet Beta III, where the Archon was destroyed in 2167. Kirk makes the Landru computer destroy itself by forcing it to accept that it is harmful to the society is was built to protect.

The USS Enterprise encounters the Botany Bay drifting in space. Kirk ultimately maroons the ships crew of genetically engineered tyrants on Ceti Alpha V.

The USS Enterprise arrives at Omicron Seti III. Almost overcome by the effects of the local plant life, the crew manage to break free and rescue the colonists.

The Federation and Klingon Empire go to war. The war is stopped shortly after its outbreak by the Organians.

Spock returns to Vulcan and undergoes Pon'farr.

Romulan, Klingon and Federation governments establish a colony on Nimbus III, "The Planet of Galactic Peace".

The Enterprise destroys a colossal single-celled organism which is threatening to invade our galaxy.

The Enterprise tests the M-5 computer. Designed by Dr. Richard Daystrom, the M-5 is intended to allow Starships to operate with virtually no crew on board. The system malfunctions during testing, destroying the Starship Excalibur. The test convinces Starfleet that the removal of human thinking from Starships is wrong in principle, and no further moves along these lines are made.

Captain Kirk orders the Enterprise to cross the border into Romulan space, apparently acting irrationally as a result of the stress of his position. The ship is quickly surrounded by Romulan battlecruisers, who order it to surrender. Kirk reveals to his crew that he is acting on Federation orders, having faked his condition in order to allow himself to be blamed for the mission if it failed. Kirk is successful in stealing one of the Romulan cloaking devices and returning with it, a major intelligence coup for the Federation.

The Enterprise is assigned to transport Lieutenant Mira Romain to Memory Alpha, a massive Federation information archive.

The Enterprise visits the planet Ardana, home of the city of Stratos. Stratos is supported in the air, one of the most impressive known feats of sustained antigravity technology.

The star Beta Niobe is destroyed in a supernova explosion. The humanoid civilization occupying the planet Sarpeidon transports itself into earlier periods of their history to escape the destruction.

Dr. Janice Lester uses ancient technology she has discovered on Camus II to swap bodies with Captain Kirk. The transference is later found to be temporary.

The USS Enterprise completes its five year mission.

Captain Kirk is Promoted to Admiral.

Spock retires from Starfleet.

McCoy retires from Starfleet.

The USS Enterprise commences a major refit.

The newly launched Enterprise encounters the entity known as V'Ger. V'Ger merges with Commander Decker to become a new life form.

Demora Sulu is born.

Klingon forces under the command of Kor win a stunning victory over the Romulans at Klach D'kel Brakt.

The weather control system on Kaldos becomes operational. It is one of the Federations first ventures into this type of system.

Spock is promoted to Captain.

McCoy is promoted to Commander.

Commander Chekov is assigned to the USS Reliant.

The USS Enterprise is retired from front line duty and assigned to Starfleet Academy as a training ship.

Starfleet abolishes the practice of maintaining a different emblem for each Starship.

The USS Bozeman, NCC 1941, disappears near the Typhon Expanse.

Saavik enters Starfleet Academy.

Kirk meets the young Demora Sulu for the last time prior to the launch of the Enterprise-B.

Kirk retires from Starfleet.

Kirk meets and falls in love with Antonia while out riding.

Kirk returns to Starfleet as an instructor in the Academy.

Audrid Dax dies. The symbiont is transferred to Torias.

Torias Dax marries a woman named Nilani Kahn, a joined Trill.

Carol Marcus presents the Genesis project proposal to the Federation. The project is funded and she begins working on the Genesis Device.

Torias Dax dies after a shuttle accident. The symbiont is transferred to Joran Belar, a musician.

The Starship Excelsior is commissioned.

Kirk decides to come out of retirement and returns to Starfleet, much to the disappointment of Antonia. He moves to a San Francisco.

Joran Dax proves to be badly unstable; after he commits a murder the symbiont is removed and transferred to Curzon.

USS Reliant, searching for a lifeless planet for use in the Genesis experiment, is seized by Khan Noonian Sing. Sing attempts to steal the Genesis Device, but is engaged in battle by the USS Enterprise under the command of Admiral Kirk. Spock is killed saving the Enterprise from destruction.

Saavik and David Marcus are assigned to the USS Grissom to investigate the Genesis planet.

The Enterprise is destroyed whilst rescuing the regenerated body of Spock from the Genesis planet.

The USS Hathaway is launched.

Spock undergoes re-education on Vulcan.

The captured Klingon Bird of Prey HMS Bounty travels back in time to 1986 in order to bring two humpbacked whales to the present.

The USS Enterprise, NCC 1701-A is commissioned and assigned to the command of Captain Kirk.

The Enterprise-A travels to the centre of the galaxy and penetrates the Great Barrier.

Transwarp development project deemed unsuccessful.

Starfleet retires the Soyuz class Starships from service.

Sulu is promoted to Captain.

An alliance between the Klingon and Romulan Empires collapses, leaving the two as blood enemies for seventy five years.

Tuvok, a recent graduate of the Academy, is appointed as an Ensign on the USS Excelsior under Captain Sulu.

The Enterprise-A escorts Chancellor Gorkon to Earth for a peace conference. When Gorkon is assassinated, Kirk uncovers a plot to reverse the recent easing of tensions between the Federation and Klingons.

The Enterprise-A is decommissioned.

Kirk retires from Starfleet.

The Enterprise-B is launched; the ship rescues refugees from the Lakul on its maiden voyage. Kirk is apparently killed on the mission, but is in fact swallowed into the Nexus.

Scotty retires from Starfleet. He is reported as missing when the USS Jenolen is lost.

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