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Mars is colonized by Earth.

A World government is formed on Earth.

Zephram Cochrane, now a resident of Alpha Centuri, departs on a trip into deep space. He vanishes, and is eventually presumed to have died in space.

Spacecraft SS Mariposa is launched. The craft carries two groups of colonists bound for the Ficus sector. It settles colonies on Bringloid V and Mariposa, where it crashes on landing leaving only five survivors.

Australia joins Earths world government, the last nation state to do so.

The Romulan War begins.

Romulan War ends.

The United Federation of Planets is formed.

Sarek is born on the planet Vulcan.
Planet Deneva is colonised by the Federation. It is held by many to be one of the most beautiful planets in the galaxy.

The Starship Archon visits the planet Beta III in the C-111 system. The ship is destroyed by Landru, the planets controlling computer system.
The USS Essex is destroyed in an electromagnetic storm above a Class-M moon orbiting Mab-bu VI. The entire crew of 229 is lost.

The Starship Horizon visits Sigma Iotia II, a planet lying about one hundred light years beyond Federation space. The crew leaves behind a copy of the book "Chicago Mobs of the Twenties"; unfortunately the natives come to regard the book as a blueprint for the ideal society. They subsequently remould their world into a close approximation of the book.
Settlers from Earth establish a colony on the planet Moab IV. They create a sealed biosphere in which they plan to create an ideal society using genetic engineering.

A new type of impulse engine is adopted. The basic design of impulse drive remains unchanged for at least two centuries.

The Kavis Alpha neutron star explodes. This phenomena repeats itself every 196 years, and will occur again in 2366 when the Enterprise-D will be present to observe it.
A group of Native Americans seek to preserve their cultural identity by leaving Earth to establish a home elsewhere.

The last Daedalus class Starship is withdrawn from service.

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