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The Nomad probe is launched from Earth. The probe is the first Earth mission designed to search for new life forms. It will later collide with an alien craft designed to sterilize soil samples; the two probes will manage to combine themselves but in the process their programming will be distorted, causing the resultant entity to seek out and sterilize alien life forms.

On this date Captain Shaun Geoffrey Christopher commands the first successful manned mission to Saturn.

An unspecified advance in propulsion systems renders sleeper ships obsolete.

The American government creates the Sanctuary districts to contain those who are unemployed. The districts quickly become ghetto areas.

The Bell Riots begin within Sanctuary District 4 of San Francisco. The riots lead to the abolishment of the Sanctuary Districts, forcing the USA to at last begin to deal with its social problems.

Zephram Cochrane is born.

The 52nd state is admitted to the United States of America.

The New United Nations rules that no Earth person can be held responsible for the crimes of their ancestors.
Hovercars come into widespread use on Earth.

NASA launches the spacecraft Charybdis, commanded by Colonel Steven Richey. The third manned attempt to explore beyond the solar system, the ship is declared missing. It is discovered in 2365 in the Theta 116 solar system.

Television ceases to exist as a form of entertainment.

World War III kills 600 million people and leaves very few governments on Earth.

Zephram Cochrane makes Humanities first faster than light journey. The flight results in First Contact between Humans and Vulcans.

SS Valiant is lost whilst exploring the outer edge of the galaxy.

The society on Argelius II undergoes "The Great Awakening", a significant milestone in their development towards becoming dedicated to hedonism.

The Klingon Emperor dies. No successor is appointed because the Klingon High Council has grown in power to the point where it effectively controls the Empire.

One of the two Sporocystian lifeforms which have been caring for the Ocampa for the last five hundred generations leaves, taking two thousand Ocampa with her. They establish a new home on a spaceborne array several thousand light years away.
Quinn is imprisoned in a cometary nucleus by the Q continuum. He will be released in 2372 by the crew of the USS Voyager.

The "post-atomic horror". The legal system assumes guilt until proven innocent, and Lawyers have fallen into disfavour.

Colonel Steven Richey dies after thirty eight years imprisoned in a re-creation of the fictional Royale Hotel.

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