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Federation Timeship
Unit Run
NCV 474439-G USS Relativity 
Uncertain; at least one in service in the 29th century.
Length : 335 m
Beam : 175 m
Height : 57 m
Decks : 19
Unknown; appears to carry phaser arrays, but this is uncertain.
Defence Systems
Shielded from changes to the timeline, probably via temporal shielding.
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Maximum Speed : Unknown.

Notes : There are several known occasions when temporal incursions have brought contact with future versions of Starfleet, but in general there are very few examples of contact with future versions of Temporal Investigations. Two of these occasions have involved the USS Voyager; in 2373 the ship encountered the Aeon, a small Federation timeship commanded by Captain Braxton. In 2375 the ship again encountered Captain Braxton, this time during his command of the USS Relativity, a Wells class timeship. Braxton had been conducting temporal scans of Voyagers history, and had located an anomalous event in 52861.274 when the ship had been destroyed by a temporal disrupter, technology which should not have been available at the time. Voyager was lost with all hands.

The Relativity is a much larger, more capable vessel than the Aeon. It is protected against changes to the timeline by temporal shielding, and is equipped with a temporal transporter which can beam people through at least five centuries displacement. The ships initial attempts to solve the problem were unsuccessful, resulting in the deaths of several versions of Seven of Nine, but eventually she was able to determine that a future version of Captain Braxton himself had planted the weapon.

Little is known of the capabilities of the Wells class timeships by todays Temporal Investigations department. It is uncertain whether the ship itself can travel through time or simply relies on the temporal transporter, although the fact that the much smaller Aeon can time travel would indicate that this is not a particularly difficult problem for 29th century technology.

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