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Unit Run
In the Krenim-dominant timeline, these ships were a common sight in the Krenim Empire.
Length : 250 m
Beam : 129 m
Height : 41 m
Decks : 12
Chronaton torpedoes.
Defence Systems
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Maximum Speed : Warp Factor 6

Notes : This Warship design appears to have been an extremely common sight in the Krenim-dominant timeline. USS Voyager encountered them many times, and although the Starfleet ship was able to evade or destroy all of its attackers the ship took massive damage in the process. The Krenim warships do not appear to be particularly heavily armed or protected, but they did have one crucial advantage over their opponents - their weaponry included Chronaton torpedoes. These enter into a state of temporal flux when fired, allowing them to penetrate enemy shields almost unhindered.

Voyager was eventually able to establish a form of temporal shielding, protecting it from both the Chronaton torpedoes and the Krenim Timeships incursions. The unpredictability introduced by this variable caused the Timeships next incursion to bring the Krenim Empire down to a pre-warp state, eliminating these craft altogether.

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