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Unit Run
In the Zahl-dominant timeline, a handful of these ships still existed.
Length : 125 m
Beam : 61 m
Height : 46.9 m
Decks : 8
Limited armament only.
Defence Systems
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Maximum Speed : Low Warp Speed in the Zahl-dominant timeline.
                            Sublight only in the Krenim-prewarp timeline.

Notes : The Krenim patrol ship was a vessel which existed in the Zahl-dominant timeline. The ship was a small craft, with limited armaments and low warp capacity. The remaining Krenim took to travelling Zahl space in these ships, accosting travellers and making grandiose threats against them. The ships were not powerful enough to back up these threats in most cases, and were generally ignored.

The Patrol ships were replaced in the Krenim-dominant timeline by the larger and far more effective Warship.

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