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On Stardate 43745.2 Captain Picard was persuaded to take a holiday on the planet Raisa. Here he encountered Vash, a Human woman who was looking for the legendary Tox Utat. The Utat was said to have been left behind in the 22nd century by a visitor from five hundred years in the future. Vash had worked with Professor Samuel Estergon for five years on the search for the Utat. Shortly before his death Estergon had located information which pinpointed the Utats location. She claimed to be planning to donate the Utat to the Daystrom Institute. Unfortunately a Ferengi named Sovak was also after the Utat, claiming he had paid Vash to steal the information from Estergon.

Picard also met two individuals who claimed to be Vorgon security officers from the 27th century. They were looking for the Utat and had found records which said that Picard had found the device - a crystal fitting into the palm of the hand - on Raisa. The Vorgons explained that the Utat was a quantum phase inhibitor capable of stopping all nuclear reactions in an entire star. Some criminals had wanted to steal the Utat from its creator, Cal Deno, and he had been forced to hide it in the 22nd century to evade them.

Picard and Vash set off to look for the Utat, but both Sovak and the Vorgons followed them in order to get hold of the device. However, when they reached the Utats location they were unable to find it.

Back at the resort, Picard confronted Vash and made her admit that she had planned the whole thing in order to get hold of the Utat for herself. She found it before anybody else had arrived, and carried out an elaborate charade to convince everybody else that the Utat was still lost. Picard retrieved the Utat and was planning to give it to the Vorgons when Vash pointed out that they could well be the criminals who had attempted to steal it in the first place. The Vorgons attempted to take it from him by force, and Picard destroyed the Utat to prevent them.

Picard commented that the Vorgons could have simply returned to the past and tried to retrieve the Utat again, but Temporal Investigations stepped in and captured the criminals before they could make the attempt. The agency maintains a vigil on this event sequence in order to prevent any further attempts to gain access to the Utat.

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