Seen in the Voyager "Year Of Hell" two parter, the Krenim warship is pretty much as described in the specs page. The ships seem to be remarkably weak in some ways - we've seen photon torpedoes destroy Starships with one hit before now, but the Krenim hit Voyager with torp after torp with relatively little effect. Now when Starships resist fire like this it's generally possible to say that the ships armour or Structural Integrity Field protected them, but in this case one torpedo even explodes within Voyager only fifty feet or so from Seven of Nine and Tuvok, leaving both alive afterwards. To be fair, though, that torp did not seem to be in the best of repair when it went off, and may have been a misfire of some sort.

The Warship seemed to be fairly weak in terms of the fire it could resist also. We never see an engagement between Voyager and these ships from beginning to end, so it's hard to judge just how much fire they can take. But Voyager does finish one off with four photon torpedoes; more conclusively, the ship goes almost an entire year fighting the Krenim with only 30-odd torps aboard, indicating that no more than five or so can be used on each occasion.

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