The Krenim patrol ship was a small, fairly weak vessel which existed in two distinct timelines. The first was the first timeline we saw in the episode, which I have dubbed the Zahl-dominant timeline for obvious reasons. The specs page is mostly based on Tuvoks assessment of the ship.

After the Krenim Timeship removed the Garenor homeworld from the timeline, a Krenim warship was replaced by another of these ships. However, a few minutes later Obrist reported that after this incursion "The entire Krenim Imperium - it's reverted to a pre-warp state!". So presumably there are two versions of this ship, one with warp drive and one which is purely sublight. This would place Voyager somewhere within a star system at this point in the episode. When reporting on the change Kim reports the smaller ship as "half the size", which forms the basis of the scaling of the two ships I have used. However, while the ratio is canon the specific values are guestimates basedon the episode FX, so be warned.

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