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Humanoid species native to the Alpha Quadrant. Yridians are recognizable by their greyish skin, and by a ridge which runs from their nose across the top of their heads. The Yridians are known as dealers in information, in which capacity they are willing to work with almost any other species. In 2369 a group of Yridians working for the Cardassians attacked the shuttle of Professor Galen in an attempt to steal his data on the ancient DNA code found in many Alpha Quadrant species. The Professor was killed in the action, as were the Yridians when the Enterprise-D fired upon them. Romulan monitoring of the Yridians actions led to their own involvement in the incident.

In 2369 a Yridian informed Lieutenant Worf that his father Mogh was still alive and in a Romulan prison camp. Worf forced the Yridian to accompany him into Romulan space to search for his father, only to find that although Mogh had indeed survived the Khitomer massacre he died some time previously.

In 2370 the Yridians were suspected of shipping weapons to the Cardassian colonists in the demilitarized zone, but this was never proven and so no action could be taken. Deep Space Nines Cardassian tailor Garak once commented that a Yridian wanted him dead, although given the source this can hardly be considered as certain to be accurate.

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