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Lurians are a Humanoid species native to the alpha quadrant. Externally they are slightly larger than Humans; their skin tends to be rough textured and brown in colour. They normally have hair on their bodies, but some Lurians have been known to become bald when poisoned by exposure to Latinum. Lurians have two stomachs, multiple hearts, and four lungs.

The Lurian government is a monarchy. The people tend to be highly talkative and excitable - on hearing of the Dominion threat, one Lurian native of Deep Space Nine ran naked and screaming into the Bajoran temple to beg the prophets for protection. They generally have large families - eighteen siblings is not unusual for a Lurian family. When a family member dies, Lurian custom is to take presents of food and drink to the funeral, so the dead will have provisions to sustain them in the afterlife.

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