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Federation members from the planet Bolarus IX, the Bolians are recognizable by their blue or bluish-grey skin, and by the raised ridge which runs up the middle of their faces. The males of this species are bald, but the females grow hair similar to Humans on their heads.

Many Bolians serve in Starfleet; Captain Rixx was one of the most renowned officers in the fleet, and in 2364 was involved in countering the attempt by alien parasites to subvert Starfleet. During Wolf 359 the tactical officer of the USS Saratoga was a Bolian, while others of this race have served in more low level roles - for example the Bolians Mot and V'Sal both served as barbers on the Enterprise-D. Ambassador Vadosia, an important Bolian diplomat, visited Deep Space Nine in 2369. In 2366 an alien species imitated Bolian Starfleet cadet Minena Haro in an attempt to study concepts of authority, but the ruse was quickly uncovered by Captain Picard.

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