Canon Facts Backstage Info  Speculation
Multi-Generational ship
Unit Run
Only one ship built, thirty six habitat pods
(Habitat Pod)
Length : 515 m
Diameter : 290 m
Decks : 63
(Whole Vessel)
Length : 9,230 m
Width : 800 m
Height : 730 m
Decks : 150
 280,000,000 tons
Unknown, but in the tens of thousands
Defence Systems
Shield systems unknown
Heavy Duranium/Tritanium double hull
Standard level Structural Integrity field
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Normal Cruise : Warp Factor 4
Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 7
Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9.95 for twelve hours
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : Unknown
Torpedo Firepower : Unknown
Weapon Range and Accuracy : Unknown
Shield Strength : Unknown
Hull Armour : 200
Speed : 2,700
Combat Manoeuvrability : 25
Overall Strength Index
Unknown, but in excess of 200
Approximately equal to Starfleet Grade 3
Expected Hull Life
1,000 years plus
Refit Cycle
Continual ongoing update program as needed

Notes : The Varro ship began its life as a fleet of smaller vessels on a long term mission through the galaxy. Over time the ships joined themselves together in order to pool their resources, becoming a single multi-generational ship which has now existed for some 400 years.

Voyager encountered the Varro ship in 2375. The ship had lost its ability to travel at warp speed some time before, and Voyager agreed to help them to repair their systems in the hope that the Varro would share knowledge with them. The Varro leaders agreed somewhat reluctantly; their history included many encounters with unfriendly species and they had become very distrustful of outsiders over the last few centuries.

The Varro technology is in advance of the Federations in many respects. Their environment systems produces no waste whatsoever, and they have developed a form of holotechnology to the point where any environment can be recreated in individual crew quarters. However, the Federation still has some advantages. The Varro have never developed transporter technology, and their reluctance to explore has led to some stagnation.

While Voyager was assisting the Varro ship, a dissident movement was discovered on board. This movement thought that the leaders Xenophobia was misguided, and was determined to force the ship to split up into its independent segments again. They used silicon parasites to attack the ships superstructure and despite Voyagers efforts the Varro ship did indeed break up. The majority of the segments decided to remain together, but others left in order to pursue their own agendas.

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