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Fast courier / general purpose light shuttle
Unit Run
So far limited to the USS Enterprise-E; only 12 in service so far.
2372 - present
Length : 14.64 m
Beam : 3.26 m
Height : 4.5 m
Decks : 1
20,600 kg
1 - 2, plus up to 10 passengers
3 x Type IV Phaser arrays, total Phaser output 175 TeraWatts
2 x Micro torpedo tubes + 60 torpedoes
Defence Systems
Shield system, total capacity 8,100 TeraJoules
Light Duranium/Tritanium single hull.
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Normal Cruise : Warp Factor 6
Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 6.6
Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 7 for three hours
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 3.5
Torpedo Firepower : 5
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 20
Shield Strength : 3
Hull Armour : 3.125
Speed : 344
Combat Manoeuvrability : 35,000
Overall Strength Index
Grade 1
Expected Hull Life
50 years
Refit Cycle
Minor : 1 year
Standard : 5 years
Major : 15 years

Notes : The Type 11 shuttle was designed by the crew of the USS Enterprise as part of Starfleets recent move to allow Starships to produce their own shuttlecraft fleets. The design was created under the direction of Lieutenant Commander Gerodi LaForge during the Enterprise's shakedown cruise in 2372, and after some evaluation the ship has produced a dozen of these craft using its industrial replicator system.

Like the Type 10, the Type 11 uses some elements of the technology of its parent vessel. Bio-neural gel packs have been included as standard, a step up from the Type 10 computer system which offers the gel packs as an upgrade only. Other technology incorporated is mostly centred around the warp core and nacelles, which use allows the Type 11 to have an equal speed to the type 10 but with a somewhat smaller power plant.

The Type 11 design has been included in Starfleets shuttle design database, and is now available for any starship with an industrial replicator to produce as needed.

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