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Pilot training craft
Unit Run
962 in service. 73 lost during the Dominion war.
2351 - 2372
Length : 11 m
Beam : 10.5 m
Height : 3.6 m
Decks : 1
12,450 kg
Trainee pilot, plus optional instructor
1 x Variable frequency laser cannon, total output 3 TeraWatt
Defence Systems
Light Duranium single hull.
Flight Performance
Max. Acceleration : 250 ms-2
Delta Vee : 2.4 x 106 ms-1 (0.8% c)
Endurance : 2 hour 40 minutes at full thrust
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 0.05
Torpedo Firepower : -
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 20
Shield Strength : -
Hull Armour : 0.625
Speed : 0.01
Combat Manoeuvrability : 84,000
Overall Strength Index
No diplomatic function
Expected Hull Life
28 years
Refit Cycle
Minor : 6 months
Standard : 1 year
Major : 4 years

Notes : This design is employed by Starfleet academy in order to train cadets in basic piloting and engineering skills. Starfleet requested a simple design which trainees could maintain themselves; hence the trainer has a simple fusion reactor system which is capable of producing up to 25 standard gees of acceleration; this is counteracted by an inertial damper field which leaves the cockpit in a weightless condition, there being no artificial gravity field. The trainer can hold an instructor in the tandem cockpit for early training flights, but cadets are expected to rapidly progress to solo flying and most missions are conducted with only the pilot.

The trainer is armed with a simple laser cannon in order to allow simulated combat to take place, but on most missions this craft will fly with that system completely deactivated. There is no ejector system, but an emergency transporter can beam the pilot to any nearby craft or facility in the event of an emergency. The reliability of these craft is such that this is rarely used; one notable exception being in 2368 when five craft were involved in a collision during close formation flying. All five ships were destroyed, but the emergency beam out system saved four of the five pilots. It later emerged that the craft had been flying in direct violation of Starfleet safety protocols and that no mechanical fault was involved.

The trainers have been employed extensively by Starfleet Academy, most notably on the Academy flight range near Saturn. They are still in service in sufficient numbers that they are likely to be a common sight for decades to come.

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