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Starbase manufacturing and support facility
Unit Run
Three in serivce plus two building and four planned.
2358 - present
Diameter : 8,781 m
Height (main) : 10,712 m 
Height (overall) : 13,360 m
Decks : 2,400
7,100,000,000 tons
85,000 Starfleet, typically 120 to 240,000 civilian
2,000 x Type XII phaser arrays, total output 12,150,000 TeraWatts
96 x Burst fire photon torpedo tubes 
Total 50,000 photon torpedoes
Defence Systems
High capacity shield system, total capacity 796,500,000 TeraJoules
Standard Duranium/Tritanium double hull.
Low level Structural Integrity field
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Not Applicable
Docking Facilities
Internal docking bay capable of holding up to two hundred starships, depending on type 
Two hundred hangar bays capable of holding up to three thousand shuttlecraft
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 243,000
Torpedo Firepower : 32,000 
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 1,220
Shield Strength : 295,000
Hull Armour : 25
Speed : -
Combat Manoeuvrability : -
Overall Strength Index
Five Grade 7 systems
Expected Hull Life
180 years
Refit Cycle
Minor : 5 years 
Standard : 15 years 
Major : 45 years

Notes : Although the Spacedock series of stations proved highly successful, by the 2330's Starfleet faced a problem with its latest ships. The trend had been for ever larger designs, and all projections were that this trend would continue for the forseeable future. The Spacedock stations needed considerable re-working of their main docking area in order to accomodate these ships, a re-working which would reduce the efficiency of the stations handling arrangements and cause serious problems to Starfleets maintanence schedules during the work. It was decided to build a small number of new, much larger facilities which would be easily capable of handling significant numbers of the largest starships.

The sheer size of these monsters was far beyond anything previously envisaged, a factor which weighed heavily on the minds of the design team. The original proposals called for an all-new station configuration, but the detailed design work for this would have taken at least fifteen years to complete. In order to cut this figure down as far as possible it was decided to follow the engineering of the successful Spacedock series.

Construction of Starbase 74, the first of the new facilities, begun in 2342. Despite many technical problems the project kept to its projected build time of sixteen years and the Starbase came on-line in 2358. Since this time two further facilities have been completed and two more are underway; Starfleet looks likely to petition for more of these facilities as the need for more and more starships becomes more pressing.

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