Canon Facts Backstage Info  Speculation
Heavy combat vessel
Unit Run
Length : 940 m 
Width : 500 m 
Height : 200 m 
Decks : 50
25,000,000 tons
3 x Particle beam weapons, total output 400,000+ TeraWatts
Defence Systems
Matter/Energy shield system total capacity 5,400,000+ TeraJoules 
Unknown hull
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Normal Cruise : Unknown
Maximum Cruise : Unknown
Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9.6+
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 4,000+ 
Torpedo Firepower : Unknown 
Weapon Range and Accuracy : Unknown 
Shield Strength : 1,000+ 
Hull Armour : Unknown 
Speed : 1,000+ 
Combat Manoeuvrability : Unknown
Overall Strength Index
Unknown but greater than a Galaxy class starship
Expected Hull Life
Refit Cycle

Notes : Data on the Husnock is extremely limited, as the Federation has had no actual contact with this species and the Husnock are now extinct. However, in 2366 a Husnock warship destroyed the Delta Rana IV colony by obliterating the entire surface of the planet. Subsequently the USS Enterprise encountered an image of a Husnock warship created by Kevin Uxbridge, a Douwd who had been living on the colony under Human form. Assuming that the warship was an accurate representation, the Husnock vessel was approximately five times the mass of the Galaxy class Enterprise and carried a heavy armament. The main weaponry comprises three very large particle cannon which fire jacketed streams of positrons and antiprotons. Although relatively low in actual energy output compared to a Federation vessel, the composition of the particle beam proved highly effective against standard shielding. The warship was able to bring down the shields of the Enterprise with only a few seconds of firing at a 400 Gigawatt power level. The Husnocks own shield system proved more than capable of withstanding repeated Type 10 phaser and photon torpedo strikes without apparent damage. At warp speed the image of the Husnock ship proved to be at least as fast as the Enterprise, although again it is not known if the original vessel would have this level of capability.

The Husnock themselves where described by Uxbridge as being 'a species of hideous intelligence', who live only for aggression and destruction. After his wife died during the Husnock attack on Delta Rana IV Kevin Uxbridge retaliated by destroying their entire species, totalling some fifty billion individuals. Given that the Husnock had apparently just encountered the edge of Federation space, the Douwds actions almost certainly saved the Federation from all-out warfare with them.

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