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Unit Run
Estimated 40 ships in service.
2360 - Present
Length : 438 m
Beam : 325 m
Height : 58 m
Decks : 15
1,000,000 tons
8 x Phaser emitters, total output 15,000 TeraWatts
2 x Photon torpedo torpedo tubes + 90 torpedoes, each equal to a Federation Standard tube
1 x Isolitic subspace weapon launchers + 20 charges
Defence Systems
Shield system, total capacity 945,000 TeraJoules 
Standard Duranium/Tritanium single hull plus 2.0 cm High Density armour
Standard level structural integrity field
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Normal Cruise : Warp Factor 8
Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 9
Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9.6 for ten hours
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 300
Torpedo Firepower : 250
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 350
Shield Strength : 350
Hull Armour : 250
Speed : 800
Combat Manoeuvrability : 5,500
Overall Strength Index
Expected Hull Life
50 years
Refit Cycle
Minor : 1 year 
Standard : 5 years 
Major : 10 years

Notes : The Son'a operate two major ship classes, a large Battleship type and this Destroyer. The Destroyer is a much smaller vessel designed for general purpose combat duties. The ship has an armament comparable to Federation designs of the same size, except in its use of subspace weaponry. The Destroyer mounts a single launcher for Isolitic devices, of which it carries twenty in all.

The Federation gathered considerable information on this vessel during the brief alliance with the Son'a, and this proved to be highly useful when they allied themselves with the Dominion in the latter stages of the war. Starfleet was able to take a heavy toll on the Destroyers, accounting for almost half the total number.

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