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Manned probe
Unit Run
Length : 350 m
Beam : 100 m
Height : 60 m
Decks : approx. 16
290,000 tons
Beam weapons, various other weapons; estimated total output 7,500,000 TeraWatts 
Capable of creating additional weapons to new designs in a short period
Defence Systems
Shield system, estimated total capacity 51,300,000 TeraWatts
Automatic regeneration matrix
Hull approx. equivalent to a standard varethiel single hull 
Standard level structural integrity field
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 9.991+ with standard warp drive
Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9.999+ with use of transwarp technology
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 150
Torpedo Firepower : -
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 400
Shield Strength : 250
Hull Armour : 55
Speed : 4,500
Combat Manoeuvrability : 4,800
Overall Strength Index
Generally none - specialized facilities can be constructed if required
Expected Hull Life
Refit Cycle
All probes operate on a continuous refit and upgrade cycle as new facilities are required and new technologies are assimilated

Notes : Little is known about this craft; Voyager encountered one in 2375 and found it to be a relatively small and poorly armed ship apparently designed to act as a manned probe vessel. Scans indicated that the probes armament was significantly weaker than Voyagers, and when it attempted to assimilate the Starship Captain Janeway beamed a photon torpedo onto the probe to disable it. Unfortunately, the torpedo detonated near the probes power system and it was destroyed.

Voyager recovered eight thousand metric tons of wreckage from the probe, and although most of it was too badly damaged to be of use some important tactical data was recovered. This allowed Voyager to mount an attack on a Borg scoutship, recovering a transwarp coil which ultimately allowed them to cut another twenty thousand lightyears from their journey home.

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