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Unit Run
Unknown. 278 remaining in service. 1,172 destroyed during the war.
Length : 762 m
Beam : 300 m 
Height : 80 m 
Decks : 25
7,500,000 tons
2 x Heavy duty pulse polaron cannon
16 x Phased Polaron Beam emitters, total output 75,000 TeraWatts
4 x Torpedo tubes
Defence Systems
Shield system, total capacity 2,524,500 TeraJoules
Heavy Varethiel double hull plus 8.1 cm high density armour
High level structural integrity field
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
Normal Cruise : Warp Factor 8 
Maximum Cruise : Warp Factor 9.4 
Maximum Rated : Warp Factor 9.92 or more
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 1,500 
Torpedo Firepower : 1,200 
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 1,400
Shield Strength : 935
Hull Armour : 1,250
Speed : 1,714
Combat Manoeuvrability : 1,200
Overall Strength Index
Believed to be equivalent to Starfleet Grade 5
Expected Hull Life
Refit Cycle

Notes : Of the two major classes of non Cardassian Dominion vessel currently in widespread use in the alpha quadrant, Starfleet only has detailed knowledge of the smallest. Of the Battlecruiser type, virtually nothing is known for certain.

In appearance the Battlecruiser class vessel is reminiscent of a Klingon design; the engineering section is at the rear of the ship, with the nacelles sloping sharply downwards in a fashion similar to the B'Rel class wings at their lowest setting. A forward housing is thought to hold the command and control systems and accommodation. Despite the relatively small size of this section the Battlecruiser apparently can carry significant numbers of troops.

The main weapons are polaron beam devices and torpedo style launchers scattered around the ship. Turret mounted, these are thought to be very similar, possibly identical, to those mounted on the fighter class of ship. The beam weapons are believed to be approximately equal to a Starfleet Type IX phaser array. Reports of other weapons are unconfirmed at this point.

Despite the relatively large size of the ship it is substantially more manoeuvrable than comparably sized Starfleet ships, a measure most likely meant to offset the narrower firing arcs of the main armament. On any Starfleet or Klingon vessel the apparent lack of accommodation facilities would limit the Battlecruisers ability to make long deployments, but the Jem'Hadar are apparently able to tolerate a much greater degree of physical discomfort than even the Klingons. These ships have been known to have made patrols lasting in excess of six months without any sign of outside supply or support, though these estimates are based on limited intelligence information.

During battle the Dominion appear to use these impressive vessels as multi role combat types, operating with equal effectiveness against fixed installations, spacecraft and in the ground forces support role. In peacetime they are frequently used on diplomatic missions, which seems at odds with their military nature. Some sources have suggested that the Battlecruiser is the Dominion equivalent of the Starfleet Explorer type, their large size allowing them to carry out an almost unlimited number of roles. However, given the nature of the Dominion it seems more likely that these vessels are indeed warships, used in the diplomatic arena as an implied threat rather than because of their suitability to host extended negotiations.

Naturally the Dominion is not forthcoming concerning the Battlecruisers capabilities; they commonly run with sensor jamming equipment active to prevent detailed information being obtained. One has reportedly been detected travelling at a sustained speed Warp 9.92, although it is not known if this is the maximum for the class. They are extensively shielded and their armament appears comparable to all but the most powerful alpha quadrant designs. As with all Dominion vessels, they are apparently designed for great ease of construction and are thought to heavily outnumber those few Starfleet vessels which are capable of tackling them one on one.

The type was first involved in combat against the Federation during the capture of Deep Space Nine, when their heavy firepower was instrumental in bringing down the stations shields. Subsequently they have been heavily involved in the war, generally operating in groups of two or three at the core of a small fleet.

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