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Transport Vessel
Unit Run
110 within the Angosian system.
2361 - 2265...
Length : 109 m
Beam : 23 m
Height : 19 m
Decks : 4
120,000 tons
Single phaser emitter, Total output 500 TeraWatts.
Defence Systems
Shield system, total capacity 243,000 TeraJoules
Standard Duranium single hull.
Low level Structural Integrity Field
Warp Speeds
(TNG Scale)
None, Sub-warp speeds only.
Strength Indices
(Galaxy class = 1,000)
Beam Firepower : 10 
Torpedo Firepower : -
Weapon Range and Accuracy : 10
Shield Strength : 90 
Hull Armour : 2.5
Speed : 1
Combat Manoeuvrability : 1
Overall Strength Index
Expected Hull Life
40 years
Refit Cycle
Minor : 1 year 
Standard : 5 years 
Major : 20 years

Notes : The Angosian ship is a simple sub-warp transport vessel. It consists of three main sections. A command module situated at the front of the ship, a drive unit at the rear of the vessel and in-between a replaceable mission module. Various modules are available fulfilling both cargo and passenger transport capabilities. A further module can also be used to create a secure prisoner transport craft.

On a visit to Angosia III the USS Enterprise-D was requested to assist in the capture of a criminal who had broken out of the Lunar V penal colony and stolen one such ship. Escaping from the Enterprise the ship went behind and asteroid and the pilot detached it's drive unit and crashed the remainder of the ship. When it was discovered that he had remained on the drive section, the fugitive then aimed the remains of the ship at them. In response the Enterprise raised it's shields and were able to safely deflect the ship without causing any damage. This was yet another tactic design to deflect attention from a small escape pod launched from what remained of the ship. However, Lieutenant Commander Data was able to predict this action and captured the prisoner.

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