We've seen only one warp sled, in "Star Trek : The Motion Picture", when it brought Spock to the Enterprise. I know very little about it, canonically speaking - the 2nd Edition Encyclopedia has a scale diagram on page 581, from which I got the length, but there is no entry for it in the main section. I've made the warp sled a sort of 'Huey' or 'Dakota' of Starfleet - now superceded by more modern designs, but still around because of the sheer numbers it was operated in and the success of the design. The idea of many varied types of pod seemed like a sensible thing to develop for this type of design - indeed, if there was only one type of pod it would seem to be a bit pointless to make it detachable in the first place. Since we haven't seen any of these craft in any modern series, I've assumed that they have been retired by Starfleet.
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