The Varro multi-generational ship was seen in the Voyager episode 'The Disease', and most data comes direct from the episode. The size of the Varro habitat pods was calculated from the comparison shot we see in stellar cartography of Voyager beside one of the pods, it being assumed that the two are shown to scale. The length of the habitat section could then be worked out, but I had to guestimate the length of the forward and aft sections as there is no good side-on view of the entire ship in the episode.

The weapons and defence systems are largely left unknown, as none are seen in use in the episode and it seems unlikely that the ships leader would have shared this data with Voyager. I have guessed at the hull configuration and structural integrity field, as these are things that Voyager would be able to work out from the ships eventual disintegration. The overall strength figure assumes that every unknown figure is a zero.

The ship can be expected to have pretty poor diplomatic facilities, as they steer clear of outsiders, but they presumably have some kind of government structure and this would require at least limited facilities, hence I rated the Varro ship as being about equal to Voyagers.

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