Lack of shuttlecraft has plagued Star Trek from the earliest days of TOS. The cost of producing a full-sized shuttle model which you can film from any angle is apparently very high, and as a consequence few such models have been seen. One of TNG's answers to this problem was the Type 15 shuttlepod, which was extremely small so as to be as cheap as possible. The second venture into shuttlecraft production was the Type 6; this was made by modifying the Type 3 model used in Star Trek V. The middle section was chopped off to make the Type 6 shorter, and extra windows where added to the front section. Side winglet stubs also seem to have vanished during the rebuild.

I've kept the description of the Type 6's history in line with what actually happened in real life for the most part. Frankly, after writing five specs pages in the last couple of days I'm running out of things to say about Starfleet shuttlecraft! Ah well, only five more to go...

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