The idea that starships could design their own shuttles is one that seems to me to follow logically from the idea that they can replicate standardized designs. I have written this up as if it was a new idea, but in fact it could explain some of the things we have seen even as far back as TOS. If ships do indeed both design and build thier own shuttles, this could explain why the Enterprise had no shuttles on board to rescue Sulu in "The Enemy Within" - the Enterprise may have just finished taking all its shuttles apart prior to building something else, or may have just finished producing a big batch of craft which could not operate within an atmosphere - or maybe they simply hadn't bothered making any shuttles yet after setting out on thier mission.

There are possible drawbacks to this idea - for one, we don't know that replicators had been invented during TOS. I tend to think not, and so I've concentrated this little replicating-shuttles idea around the DS9 / Voyager series.

Otherwise, most of the information here concerning the specifics of the type 10's design is from the DS9 technical manual. I've coded all information from that source as green for now, until I can find some sort of official quote on its canonicity.

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