This entry is mostly just based on the canon from "Descent", parts one and two, but I've also thrown in elements of my own transwarp theory to explain why the ship was so fast compared to Borg cubes, and why we haven't seen any more of these ships. Other than that the rest of the entry is pretty much speculation - I've rated the ship as being somewhat less powerful than a Borg cube in most respects and about as fast as the Enterprise-E when using standard warp drive. The speed entry in the strength indicies is based on this figure, since transwarp conduits aren't all that useful for the purposes of combat against other ships.

The size figures are pretty speculative, based on how the ship looked compared to the Enterprise-D onscreen. I've coloured them yellow since this is a canon source, but there's a wide margain of error here - maybe as much as 50% or more - so take it with a bucket of salt.

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