The Bozeman remains our only sight of a Soyuz class ship. At first I took these to be a simple Miranda-variant, but the episode "Cause and Effect" and the Encyclopeida does give it a class designation, so I decided it was a separate design descended from the mirandas.

The Bozeman seemed to have a heavy phaser armament, something backup up by the DS9 Tech Manual which says that they had some Type X phasers. The system defence craft idea is designed to explain why you would want a ship with heavy phasers, no photon torpedoes, enhanced sensors and Miranda-level shields and other systems.

The story about Bateson saving Starbase 12 comes from Diane Carey's book "Ship of the Line" - the only occasion I have included an idea from one of the novels. One bit of controversy stirred up by First Contact is the identity of the Bozeman which fought against the Borg. When the E-E crew is listening to Starfleet chatter during the initial contact with the Borg we hear a message addressed to the Defiant and Bozeman. The voice which replies sounds a hell of a lot like Kelsey Grammer to some people, me included! On the other hand, I am told that the DS9 TM says that the Soyuz class was retired. "Ship of the Line" offers a solution by stating that this is a second USS Bozeman, and I have gone along with this.

The idea of the Type X phasers going into DS9 also comes from the DS9 TM. I find it very hard to believe that the Soyuz class was originally fitted with weapons this heavy - in fact, I find it hard to believe that the Type X even existed when the Soyuz class was built! I mentioned their refit to get around this problem.

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