Seen only in the DS9 episode "Apocalypse Rising", these stations were orbiting the asteroid Ty'Gokor. They were designed by Anthony Fredrickson, and although nothing was said about them in the episode they are apparently some sort of defence installation. As with most alien ships and structures I've dotted the specs with "unknowns" since the real DITL probably wouldn't know too much about them. The notes are largely intended to support this and cover the events of the episode.

The station is scaled from the Encyclopedia diagram, which shows the a Bird of prey next to one of the hangar bays. I have assumed that the vessel shown is a B'Rel. If it were instead a K'Vort, the station could be anything up to six times the dimensions I've calculated, making it a maximum of over nine and a half kilometres tall. That extreme figure depends on the DS9 TM's size for the K'Vort, which IMHO is highly unlikely to be right. By my own figures for the K'Vort, the station would be about 4.75 kilometres tall. However, since there's no real evidence one way or the other, I've gone with the lower figure for now.

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