The Rigel class USS Tolstoy was one of the ships used in the Wolf 359 graveyard scene in TNG's "Best of Both Worlds, Part 2", while the Akagi was mentioned in "Redemption, part 2" and classed as a Rigel in an onscreen graphic. The ship is a kitbash of the Galaxy and Constitution class models. Much of the information regarding the class is speculative at best. Probably the most interesting feature is the three nacelles - the effect of varying numbers of nacelles is a topic of some debate amongst fans, and the "resting nacelle" idea is simply the one that seems most sensible to me. That extra nacelles make a ship faster doesn't seem to be supported by episodes, since Voyager - with two tiny nacelles - is one of the fastest ships around.

This ship probably counts as one of the ugliest of all the kitbashed types, and hopefully we will never see it in any detail.

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