Seen only in "Star Trek II : The Wrath of Khan", the Regula station was a reuse of the Orbital Office seen in "Star Trek : The Motion Picture". The creators simply flipped the station upside down and added a large dome to one of the circular modules - one of many cost saving features of the second film. Regula appears to be significantly larger than the office - the former can be well scaled from the travel pod attached to it, while the latter can be scaled against the Enterprise as it pulls up to the station for the first time.

My viewing of this scene indicates that the distance from the base of the stations upper hull to the top of the ring below is about the same as the distance from the base of the Enterprise saucer section to the top of the Engineering hull. This distance is about 21 metres on the Enterprise, and I have used this figure to scale Regula to 242 metres high, about three and a half times the height of the orbital office.

Like the much larger Starbase 173, Regula has a dome on one of the circular sections, and I have again speculated that this houses a telescope or other instrument.

The canon section of the specs page is based around ST II. So far as I know, we haven't seen a station of this particular type since and so I have speculated that they have now been retired.

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