Often confused with the Peregrine type, the Maquis Raider was used first during "Preemptive Strike" when they engaged in combat with Siskos Danube class runabouts. The Raider appeared to be an approximate match for the Danube in that episode.

Later we see the same design of ship used in "Caretaker" by Chakotay and co. However, this ship appears to be considerably larger than a normal Raider in comparison to Voyager. The number of Maquis crew on Voyager is unknown, but it was a serious worry that they might take over the ship when they first came on board so there where probably at least thirty or so. That it held so many also indicates that Chakotays ship must have been considerably larger than a normal Raider.

It is to explain this that I have given the Raider several subtypes - the specs are for the type used by Chakotay, rather than the much smaller ships which engaged the runabouts.

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