Seen in the second season Voyager episode "Prototype", little is known about the Pralor ship. Indeed, we don't even know for sure that the ship wasn't built by the robots themselves after the Pralor were wiped out. Nor do we have more than a general indication of the size of the ship - I counted about 11 rows of windows on the bottom section of the ship, plus gaps for another  four or so. Using this, I've come to a length of about 350 metres but this can only be regarded as a very general guess - the ship could easily be twice that size.

Sources for the few facts that we do know : that the Pralor vessel fires quantum resonance charges is revealed by Chakotay when it opens up on Voyager. That the Kravic ship mounts disrupters comes from a line by Paris; when Tuvok tells him that the Kravic attack has opened up a hole in the Pralor shields, Paris says "now all I have to do is dodge a few disrupter blasts". That the ship has a lower top speed than Voyager is revealed by Pralor Automated Unit 6263 shortly after B'Elanna is abducted. The date of 2222 for the ship comes from PAU 3947, who states that he has been alive for 1,314,807 hours and 33 minutes - which works out to just about 150 years. That the ships predate this time is an assumption of my own.

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