Another of the ships from the DS9 technical manual, this ship is a kit bash of the standard movie era Constitution. I named it "Polaris" after the pole star, because of that stars (apparent) proximity to the big dipper - the ship looks something like an upside-down ladle, you see. At least, it does to me!

As with all the kit bashed ships, the text is designed to explain why such an abomination of a ship came to exist. For the sake of variety, I've put this ship as having been a "normal" class which has been in service for a long time, rather than an improvisation prompted by the Dominion war.

The reduction in phaser armament is my own invention, since it seemed silly to have a ship like this with practically the same armament as a heavy cruiser. Ditto the torpedoes - I'm not sure just where the Constitutions other two tubes are, but I'd bet it's in the engineering hull somewhere so I vanished them. The crew and mass figures come from the DS9 Technical Manual, and are the only parts other than the size comparison image that do - that book gives the Polaris a top speed of Warp 9.6 and Type 10 phasers, which is just ridiculous in my opinion. Given the huge number of glitches which riddle the DS9 TM, most especially in this section, this is just one of those times I'm - reluctantly - going my own way rather than towing the official line.

To my knowledge, we've never seen a Polaris class on screen.

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