Well, most of this is direct from 'First Contact' of course. The sizes are from the scale diagram in the Encyclopedia 2nd edition, although the picture in there is so small there's likely to be a good 10 or 20% margain of error. The strength indicies shouldn't be taken too seriously of course, but I suppose twenty thousand phoenixes MIGHT be able to snuff a Galaxy class by simultaneously ramming it or something... well, maybe not.

The idea of the phoenix only making one flight is based on the fact that the missile which launched her wasn't re-useable. I suppose there's no real reason why the phoenix couldn't have made several flights - or even hundreds - but record breakers like this tend to be one-off deals so I went with that.

The description of Cochranes apparent transformation is based on his in screen reaction to the warp flight, along with the fact that many real-life astronauts seem to be profoundly affected by their own experiences. And given Treks fundamental philosophy, I'm sure it all worked out for him in the end.

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