First appearing in "The Wounded", the Nebula is basically a kit-bashed Galaxy class. At first I didn't like it much, but over time it's come to be my favourite ship class. The design is very sensible - actually better than the Galaxy class in some ways. In volume terms the Nebula is only a little smaller than a Galaxy; it's missing the connecting neck and has a slightly shorter engineering hull, but has the big mission pod and connecting strut to make up for much of that. But this volume is packed into something like two hundred metres shorter length. In trek tech, that should give the Nebula a smaller shield area, helping to make the shields inherently more efficient.

The Nebula design does have one or two slight problems - the main shuttlebay is situated in the same place as the Galaxy, so the Nebula launches shuttles directly at its mission pod support strut. The torpedo launcher in the connecting neck of the Galaxy is missing, but there is a tube just above the nav deflector so I presume that the same type of tube has just been moved down a bit. The weapon pod has eight holes in the front, so I have equipped it with eight standard photon tubes and a set of casings. So far as I know we've never seen a Nebula weapon pod fire a phaser, so I haven't put any there.

Overall I generally rate the Nebula as being a somewhat smaller, slower, weaker counterpart to the Galaxy class. I've assumed that the Nebula is the workhorse of Starfleet, with many more of these ships in service than there are Galaxies. I've no real proof of this, but something must have taken over from the Ambassador and since there are only a few Galaxies the Nebula seems to be the best candidate.

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