Of course, the Miranda is probably the most often-used class in the whole of Trek - whatever Paramount paid to have this ship designed, they certainly got their money's worth! Even so, we actually know remarkably little about these ships. The specs I've created are intended to reflect a ship that was originally a light cruiser to complement the heavy cruiser Constitutions, but has gradually become relegated to a variety of roles as newer designs take over. In combat the Miranda seems to act in support of the modern ships, as when two Mirandas ran interference for the Defiant during "Sacrifice of Angels". Mirandas seem to suffer heavily in combat, which is understandable, but there always seem to be more around. That's why I suggested such a big production run in the first place. With the appearance of the First Contact designs and the move to more CGI in Trek, I suspect we're going to see less and less Mirandas over the next few years. But then again, who knows...

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