The Lysian command was seen in the episode "Conundrum", details of which are given on the specifications page. The armament of the Lysian station was described by Data as the E-D approached; the sizes are guestimates based on the image attached to this entry, and while I think they're within 10% or so they should naturally be approached with some caution. The strength indexes are intended to show the technology gap between the two sides; it has been indicated that Starships are immune to laser weapons, and hence I've rated the strength of the laser cannon at zero. The shield capacity is not given, only "shield output" which may or may not be the same thing - to be honest, with strength numbers this low it doesn't make a whole lot of difference what you put down, so I just went with what 'felt right' for the most part.

One interesting fact that almost everybody seems to know by now : the Lysian command first appeared in the early TNG episode "Justice" as the Edo 'God'/object. One could assume from this that the Lysians are some sort of trans-dimensional entities who are a lot more advanced than they look! Realistically I think you'd have to chalk this one up to simple galactic coincidence - though if you want a semi-serious explanation, maybe the Edo god made a visit to the Lysians some time ago and they built the station in its image? Just a thought...

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