The K'Vort presents us with some interesting challenges to rationalize. The ship was first directly mentioned in "Yesterday's Enterprise", but behind the scenes sources indicate that many of the occasions on which we have seen the Enterprise threatened by birds of prey - something which made the Galaxy class look rather weak - they were actually the much more powerful K'Vorts.

Since the same model is used for both ships, however, we have a problem - in scaling up the K'Vort we must scale up every external feature, including the windows. Now there is a limit to what you can do with this, and the DS9 Tech Manual exceeds it. That source gives the K'Vort a length of 650 metres - nearly six times the size of a B'Rel, and even longer than a Galaxy class! This is, apparently, intended to explain the scene in "The Defector" when we see some B'Rel shaped craft floating near the Enterprise-D, which are clearly larger than the Starfleet ship.

Trouble is, if we take an average B'Rel window as being 1 metre tall then the K'Vort windows would be nearly 6 metres high - which is, quite honestly, silly. Given this, I've decided that this is one case where common-sense must override the DS9 TM; write the 650 m length off to just another DS9 TM inaccuracy.

I've scaled the K'Vort to exactly three times the size of the B'Rel. This means that for every B'Rel deck the K'Vort has three, while an average window at about 3 metres is just big enough to fit into one deck. So the K'Vort becomes about the size of ships like the Centaur or New Orleans, which is a much more reasonable slot for it to fill.

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