The Galor seems to be the mainstay of the Cardassian fleet, so I've written it up as a pretty solid design. The fact that the Galor is weaker than the big Federation  and Klingon ships comes from "The Wounded", when the Enterprise-D dealt with a Galor without any serious effort, and "Sacrifice of Angels", when a pair of Galaxies blew the hell out of a Galor in about five seconds flat. The Maquis have also been seen to give a Galor a half-decent fight in Peregrines, which are about equal to a Starfleet Runabout.

The fact that the Galors use phaser-type weapons comes from "Chain of Command, II" in which Captain Jellico orders the Cardassian fleet to dump their main phaser coils as they leave the nebula they're hiding in. I don' think I've ever seen a Galor fire a torpedo, but I guess they must have them so I put a couple on.

These days, I guess it's possible that the Galor is getting upgrades from the Dominion to make it more of a real competitor, but I haven't seen any evidence of this so far.

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