We know a surprising amount of detail about the Warbird in terms of when and where it was first seen, but relatively little about its capabilities. Most people assume that a Warbird out-guns a Galaxy class by a considerable factor, but I've never seen anybody provide an actual specific bit of dialogue to support this. On the other hand, we have seen that when the Romulans wanted to capture or destroy the Enterprise in "The Defector", they sent two Warbirds - and these were chased off by the threat of having to deal with two or three Klingon Bird of Prey types in addition to the Enterprise! In another encounter, in "Tin Man", much is made of the fact that a Warbird damaged the Enterprise with just a few shots - but the Enterprise had already been heavily damaged by Tin Man itself, so it's hardly a fair fight.

Given that the Warbird seems to be just about the only serious warship employed by the Romulans, I assume that it is about 10% weaker than a Galaxy class and exists in much larger numbers than the Galaxy, although in rather smaller numbers than Starfleet as a whole. I've put this weakness down to relatively lower technology - I think Warbirds are basically built huge to threaten and frighten an opponent, which is in line with the psychological approach the Romulans seem to take to things.

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