Naturally, the Constitution class gets the most glowing write-up that I could manage. Most of the notes are lifted directly from canon, with a little extrapolation thrown in to cover the blank spots. The specs for the original Constitution are based on the original Starfleet Technical Manual, although the mass comes from Scotty's statement in one episode that the Enterprise massed "nearly a million tons" compared to the 200,000 ton figure in the book. The strength ratings are pitched pretty low overall because - so far as is known - the Constitutions have not been in service for a long time, and so wouldn't have been recieving upgrades over the years like the Mirandas and K'T'Ingas have.

The backstage info concerning the refit version comes from the Chronology. The original Tech Manual gives a rather lengthy list of names and NCC numbers for extra Constitution class ships - over a hundred in all! - but I haven't included these in the table because frankly it overpowered the rest of the text by quite a margain. In addition, the NCC numbers for several of the ships listed are contradicted by the Encyclopedia and so I'm a bit dubious about including the information if it's become outdated.

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