The Dominion battleship was seen in the episode "Valiant", where it kicked the snot out of a Defiant class ship manned by a bunch of Starfleet cadets stranded behind enemy lines. The ship was described as twice the size and three times the firepower of a Galaxy class starship; in both cases I've had to make an assumption. First, I guess that twice the size means twice the length, rather than twice the volume - this seems to fit what we see of the ship on screen, but be warned that it could be significantly smaller than the sizes I have it. Since those figures are based on a solid episode reference I've coded them as canon.

Second, I've assumed that three times the firepower means three times the overall strength, rather than just three times the beam weapon output. Again, there is nothing much to say unless we eventually get to see more of this ship in action in future incarnation of Trek.

Although this ship design was also seen in the DS9 final episode "What You Leave Behind", special effects shots indicate that those ships are considerably larger than the original battleship. After considerable wavering I've decided to class them as a new type of ship, the Dreadnoughts. See the Comments section of that class for more details about the relationship between the two ships.

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