The "big guns" of the Dominion fleet, I've rated these ships as being somewhat more powerful than the Galaxy class Starship in most areas. This is due to the "isn't the Dominion so advanced and powerful" statements that we kept hearing when they were first introduced. But now these ships seem to be becoming both more numerous and easier to beat.

This is something that happens a lot in Trek, and irritates me immensely. We get introduced to some new enemy like the the Dominium, the Borg, Species 8472, etc; to start off with they are really powerful, but then suddenly they seem to get a lot weaker, but a lot more numerous. With better technology and a significant size advantage, these ships should easily beat a GCS - but recently we're told that a Dominion ship twice the size of a Galaxy has only three times the firepower.

Anyway, I'm not here to rant! I'm sticking to my "GCS + 30%" strength for the Dominion battlecruiser for the moment, but might revise it downwards in future. Pretty much everything else about these ships is speculative - we've not seen them in action all that much, and we've not seen much of their interior.

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