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Born on the Turkana IV colony planet.
Orphaned when both parents where killed in a firefight. Raised by her sister, Ishara Yar, until the age of fifteen.
Left Turkana IV.
Joined Starfleet Academy.
2359 Graduated Starfleet Academy
Assigned to Enterprise-D as chief security officer. Subsequently killed at Vagra II by the entity known as Armus, while attempting to rescue crewmembers from a crashed shuttlecraft.

Notes : Natasha Yar was born on the failed colony world of Turkana IV. Her childhood was typical of that world; she spent her life scavenging for food for the family, attempting to avoid the rape gangs which roamed the colony. Her parents where killed when she was five, and Tasha was subsequently raised by her sister. She refused to accept the conditions in which she found herself, and at the age of fifteen she managed to convince a passing trader to take her away from the colony. She ended up on a Federation planet, where she was assigned refugee status; after two years she joined Starfleet Academy, graduating in 2359.

Yar performed exceptionally both in the Academy and on active duty. By 2364 she had been assigned as Chief Tactical Officer of the Enterprise-D, at the request of Captain Picard. While on an away mission to rescue the crew of a shuttle crashed on Vagra II, Enterprise crewmen encountered an entity which called itself Armus. Armus, who claimed to be an embodiment of pure evil, prevented the away team from reaching the shuttle. When Yar tried to walk around Armus he killed her with an energy discharge.

Natasha left a message for her shipmates in which she thanked them for being a part of her life and told them how much she had enjoyed being a part of the Enterprise crew.

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