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Born on Earth.
Enters Starfleet Academy.
Graduates Starfleet Academy.
Assigned to the Starship Enterprise as Communications Officer.
Memory is wiped clean by the Nomad probe; re-educated on board the Enterprise.
Assigned to serve at Starfleet Academy; requests duty in the Transporter division in order to participate in the conspiracy to steal the USS Enterprise.
Participates in the mission to rescue humpbacked whales from extinction by time travelling to 20th century Earth.
Assigned to the Starship Enterprise-A as communications officer.
Scheduled to give a seminar at Starfleet Academy; cancels the appearence to return to the Enterprise-A for the mission to meet Chancellor Gorkon.
Retires from Starfleet.

Notes : Nyota Uhura was born in Africa on the planet Earth. A skilled musician and singer, she was also something of a linguist and entered Starfleet in 2257 in order to work with alien languages. She chose communications as it seemed the closest match for her skills, and excelled in this position. Like most of the senior officers of the original Starship Enterprise she became something of a legend in Starfleet history. She continued to serve on the Enterprise for the entire remainder of her career, apart from the short break between Starfleets attempt to launch the Enterprise and the commissioning of the Enterprise-A.

After leaving Starfleet in 2293, Uhura became something of a diplomat. She toured many worlds, successfully promoting greater integration between Federation members.

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