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Born on Vulcan.
2282 Undergoes the ritual of tal'oth - four months in a Vulcan desert with only a knife to stay alive.
Joins Starfleet Academy.
Graduates from Starfleet Academy. Appointed to the USS Excelsior, where he serves during the Khittomer Crisis.
Resigns from Starfleet after finding it difficult to integrate. Returns to Vulcan and attempts to complete the Kohlinar discipline.
Abandons the Kohlinar discipline, marries T'Pel.
Returns to Starfleet; serves on board the USS Wyoming.
2365 Meets Janeway for the first time. Tuvok criticizes her command performance in front of a panel of three Starfleet Admirals.
Is successful in infiltrating a cell of the Maquis while serving as chief tactical officer of the USS Voyager. Is transported from the Badlands to the Delta Quadrant whilst serving on board a Maquis vessel.
Violates Janeways orders in an attempt to secure long range transporter technology from the Sikarians.
Mind melds with Ensign Suder in an attempt to cure him of his violent tendencies.
Crashes on a moon of Drayan II.
Transporter accident creates Tuvix.
Experiences strange flashbacks to time on USS Excelsior as a result of a form of parasite.
Helps clear B'Elanna of inciting violence by illegal thinking on the Mari homeworld.
Stranded on a planet which experiences accelerated time.

Notes : At one hundred and seven years, Lieutenant Commander Tuvok is the oldest crewmember of the USS Voyager. He first joined Starfleet at the age of twenty five, and after his graduation in 2293 he was assigned to the USS Excelsior. He served on board the ship during the Khittomer crisis; during this time he came into conflict with Captain Sulu when he objected to the Captains decision to disregard orders in order to assist his friends. After the crisis was past Tuvok continued to find it difficult to fit in with Starfleet, and in 2398 he resigned and returned to Vulcan to attempt the Kohlinar discipline.

Tuvok repeatedly failed the Kohlinar, and after six years he abandoned the discipline when he underwent Pon Farr, instead marrying T'Pel. He spent the next forty five years living quietly on Vulcan, concentrating on raising a family. In 2349 Tuvok decided to return to Starfleet, having developed a more flexible attitude to alien philosophies. He served on board several ships, including the USS Wyoming, before becoming chief tactical officer of the USS Voyager. Whilst in this post he was ordered to infiltrate the Maquis, and he was successful in this mission. In 2371 his ship was lost in the Badlands when the Caretaker transported them to the Delta Quadrant. When Voyager followed the ship and was also abducted, Tuvok returned to his own ship. He has continued to serve on board the Voyager since then. Tuvok felt that he should have become Janeways first officer, and thought that it was a mistake on Janeways part to promote Chakotay to the post. As a result he and Chakotay did not get along very well for several years, although recently they have begun to forge a better working relationship.

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