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Born in San Francisco, on Earth.
Enters Starfleet Academy.
Graduates Starfleet Academy.
Assigned as a physicist on board the USS Enterprise.
Transferred from sciences to helm officer.
Daughter, Demora Sulu is born.
Assigned Captain of the USS Excelsior.
Assists the USS Enterprise-A in preventing the assassination of the Federation President at the Khittomer Conference.

Notes : A member of the most famous crew in Starfleet history, Sulu served on board the original Constitution class USS Enterprise for a total of twenty one years. He joined the ship as a science officer, but eventually transferred to the helm position. Sulu proved to have an exceptional talent for this job, and was renowned as being one of the best combat pilots in the fleet. Off duty Sulu considered himself to be something of a swashbuckler; he was a champion swordsman, and was often to be seen practising on the recreation deck. He also collected other ancient weaponry, including a police special revolver which he acquired on the amusement park planet visited by the Enterprise in 2266.

Sulu had a daughter, Demora, in 2271. She later followed in her fathers footsteps when she joined Starfleet Academy in 2289. She graduated in 2293, becoming a helm officer on the USS Enterprise-B where she served on the mission in which Captain Kirk was believed to have been killed.

Sulu eventually became one of the most famous captains in Starfleet history, and today his portrait hangs in Starfleet Headquarters.

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